Scheduling and Budgeting Course

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  • This course is open for 12 weeks
  • 9 lesson series
  • 2 hours, 57 minutes of video
  • Industry-Leading Instructors
  • Illustrated Tutorials


About this Course
A director may have a sweeping vision for how to tell the story, but producing that vision into a tangible product comes with a price tag. That price tag could be in the 100 millions, and knowing how to come up with that number is paramount to creating a profitable movie.
Understanding how to break down the script, creating a schedule for the overall production as well as each scene within each shooting day, and managing insurance requirements are key in balancing the vision with the practicalities of production.
In the FilmSkills Scheduling and Budgeting Course, you will be guided step-by-step through the scheduling and budgeting process by producers and 1st Assistant Directors who have worked on Titanic, Avatar, Total Recall, and dozens of movies whose combined box office grosses are in the billions of dollars.
Learn your craft from the very best in the FilmSkills Scheduling and Budgeting Course.
The lessons
  • Beginning Pre-Production

    Once the script is complete, learn the overview of the process of prepping the project to go to camera.
  • Breaking Down the Script

    Learn to properly break down the script,  line the script, techniques for breaking down each scene, how to use scene breakdown forms, and how assistant directors and line producers should manage the breakdowns from other departments on the project. 
  • Scheduling the Production

    Learn to determine the number of shooting days needed to shoot your film, how to determine the shooting order, manage day and night shoots, account for turnaround time, and the benefits of shooting consecutive shooting days.
  • Scheduling the Day

    Learn how to schedule company moves, meal breaks, learn the productivity arc of a shooting crew, how to work with the director’ shot list, skills for managing a shoot running over schedule, how to generate a one-line schedule, and how to create call sheets.
  • Budgeting

    Learn to create an accurate budget, tricks to reducing the budget if you’re running over, how to plan for contingencies, how to manage crew expectations, and how to go into production knowing you’ll have the money to finish.
  • Insurance

    Learn how to insure your production against liabilities and costs incurred from accidents, the types of insurance you’ll need, where you can buy production insurance, the costs of insuring a production, cast insurance, film and video tape insurance, equipment insurance, and E&O insurance. 
  • 1st Assistant Director

    Learn the job responsibilities of the 1st Assistant Director.
  • 2nd Assistant Director

    Learn about the responsibilites of the 2nd Assistant Director in pre-production and on set.
  • 2nd 2nd Assistant Director

    Learn the duties and responsibilities of the 2nd 2nd assistant director in pre-production and on set