Getting Started in the Film Industry - An Introductory Course

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  • This course is open for 12 weeks
  • 15 lesson series
  • Certificate of completion
  • 4 hours, 28 minutes of video
  • Industry-Leading Instructors



You are about to step into one of the most fulfilling industries in the world; an industry where hundreds of people work together to realize a singular vision; an industry where unlimited creativity and advanced technologies intersect; an industry that strives to manufacture moments that evoke an emotion on screen. But to achieve these results, the film industry is one of long hours, hard work, and lots of magic.

The film industry is also one of the most secretive, and one of the few that spends millions of dollars to create the illusion of wealth, fame, and luxury. But the reality is much different from the public's perception. Sporadic work hours, long days on set, and hard physical work are only part of the challenges professionals face in this freelance industry. Knowing what you’re getting into is the first step in starting your career, which is why we created this course.

Unlike other industries where you can shadow professionals to assess the viability of each career path, it’s nearly impossible to shadow directors, producers, cinematographers, and writers. That's why we’ve partnered with leading Hollywood filmmakers who share the knowledge, career tips, technical skills, and professional techniques they’ve used to create the movies and TV shows that entertain hundreds of millions of people.

In the Getting Started in the Film Industry - An Introductory Course you will learn:

  • How the industry works, from an insider’s perspective
  • How to effectively network to grow your career
  • The realities of working freelance and what to expect
  • How to find your first job
  • How to (potentially) move to Los Angeles
  • How to make money and a living as a filmmaker
  • Proper on-set etiquette
  • What to wear and what to bring to set
  • A day on a movie set
  • How to properly use walkie-talkies
  • How to deal with difficult personalities

This introductory course is taught by dozens of professional filmmakers, who have collective won or been nominated for 72 Academy Awards, Emmy Awards, BAFTAs, and Golden Globes. They represent nearly every department including directors, producers, cinematographers, editors, production designers, script  supervisors, gaffers, grips, composers, and many, many more.

Once you complete this course, you have the foundation knowledge to explore other courses, each of which focus on a specialty within the film industry.

Learn the career skills necessary to succeed in the film industry.

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