Camera and Lens

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  • This course is open for 12 weeks
  • 13 lesson series
  • Certificate of completion
  • 2 hours, 50 minutes of video
  • Illustrated Companion Guides
  • Downloadable Class Materials
  • Industry-Leading Instructors


About this Course
“EXT. French Rivera Resort – Day” doesn’t look great when it’s out of focus or underexposed. No matter how brilliant the acting, vibrant the set, or spectacular the script – the entire world created by a talented cast and crew must pass through the lens and be captured on camera.  So understanding how the camera lens can shape the world is one of the most powerful tools in the cinematographer’s arsenal.
In the Arts & Business Center Camera and Lens Course, we will demystify the camera and lens, giving you techniques used in Hollywood every day.  Academy Award-winning and Emmy-winning cinematographers teach you focusing and exposure techniques. Learn how to use the Zone System, work with the latitude of your camera, use the secret power of focal length, and how to use the shutter for technical and artistic shots. We also cover how to use macro focus, lens care, the science of lenses, and the role of the camera crew on set.
The FilmSkills Camera and Lens course is one of the most thorough and complete cinematography courses available and is adaptable to whatever camera type you’re using – whether it’s a DSLR or Arri Alexa.  Learn from the best and unlock the power of your camera to produce professional results with the Arts & Business Center Camera and Lens Course.
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