Audio Post-Production

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  • This course is open for 12 weeks
  • 10 lesson series
  • Certificate of completion
  • 5 hours, 15 minutes of video
  • Industry-Leading Instructors
  • Illustrated Companion Guides



George Lucas famously said that sound is the other 50% of the moviegoing experience.  While bad sound can take your audience out of the moment, good audio will add to the emotion of the scene.  In the Arts & Business Center Audio Post-Production Kit, you will learn the entire process from editing dialogue and ADR to creating realistic Foley sounds.  Learn how to work with a composer and license music, and finally how to mix everything together.  Learn the techniques and process of making perfect audio in post.

The lessons
  • Intro to Audio Post-Production

    Learn the five components of audio and go to the sound studio to experience the construction of the audio for a scene.  Learn the ADR process, the contributions of Foley to the mix, the role of sounds effects and ambience, and the music.
  • ADR

    Learn the technical process of re-recording the dialogue of a scene during the ADR process.
  • Directing Actors in ADR

    Learn how to work with actors to get the best vocal performance possible during the ADR process, address acting problems and actor fatigue, and gain valuable tips on how to direct a natural and realistic performance so the ADR performance becomes better than the original delivery on set.
  • Foley

    Learn how Foley is recorded and mixed to create and full, rich audio track. Learn the types of Foley, how much should be recorded, the process of recording Foley, and how to properly schedule and budget this creatively demanding aspect of audio post-production.
  • Sound Effects

    Learn the process of creating a compelling sound effects track for your movie, where to find high quality sound effects, how sounds effects and Foley work together, how to find a balance with the dialogue and music, and the role of the sound effects editor.
  • Mixing the Audio

    Learn how all the final components of the audio are mixed together.
  • Emotion Through Music

    Learn to use music as a dramatic player in a way that properly supports the emotion of the scene without overwhelming the performance.
  • The Who and How of Music

    Learn the people involved in crafting the score to a movie, the types of scores available, and how music is recorded - from synth to live instruments.
  • Working with the Composer

    Learn how to work with a composer through scoring process, from the initial meeting to making changes to the completed score.
  • Music Licensing

    Learn how music is licensed, and how existing music can be used in your production