Audio Department Certification Course

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  • This course is open for 12 weeks
  • 13 lesson series
  • Certificate of completion
  • 1 hour, 19 minutes of video



In a motion pictures, the “picture” part is only half of the audience’s experience. The other half is the sound, and the quality of the sound recorded on set can mean the difference between a distracting, poor-quality audio that pulls the audience out of the moment, and an engaging visceral experience that draws the viewers into the world you are creating.





In the Audio Department Certification Course, you will learn the entire range of on-set audio recording techniques from master filmmakers, beginning with the physics of sound, how sound works, and why we hear what we hear.

  • The physics of sound, and the attributes of the sound wave
  • How microphone work and record sound
  • How microphone pick-up patterns affect the recording
  • Boom operating techniques for recording on set dialogue
  • Audio recording techniques on location
  • How audio is recorded, compressed, and processed
  • How to prep a shoot
  • How to address common on set challenges
  • How to work with lavalier microphones
  • How to work with shotgun microphones
  • How to use EQ, compression, and limiters





The Audio Department Certification Course is taught by pioneers in the audio field, including the inventor of the THX surround sound system, and director of audio at Apple, Tomlison Holman. You will also learn from the leading educator of Audio Technia, the world’s leading manufacturer of microphones and audio recording equipment.  Go on set with veteran production sound mixer Sara Evans,  and gain practical experience from audiophiles Tommy Mack and Robert Magness.

Your instructors include:

Director of Education, Audio-Technica
Steve is an accomplished recording engineer and the Director of Education at Audio-Technica, the world's leading microphone manufacturer.

Academy Award Winner, Head of Audio, Apple
Tomlinson invented THX, and worked on the sound for "Return of the Jedi," "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom," and is currently the head of Audio at Apple.

Production Sound Mixer
“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Passengers,” “Westworld”

The lessons