Art Department Certification Course

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  • This course is open for 12 weeks
  • 12 lesson series
  • Certificate of completion
  • 4 hours, 8 minutes of video



The art department on a movie or tv show is responsible for creating the world in which the story takes place. From designing and building the sets to constructing props, the art department is one of the largest, most scalable departments on set.

Headed by the production designer and managed by the art director, the art department interprets the director’s vision into the story world, whether that’s a Texas farm from the 1800s, the slick penthouse of a modern-day billionaire, or the rich fantasy world. Regardless of the genre, constructing this world is a delicate balance of developing the characters through the set design and creating a set that meets the technical demands of the production, all while managing the pressure of delivering on time and on budget.
In the Art Department Certification Course, you will learn the hierarchy of the art department, skills to create the story world, and tips to pursue a career in the art department. This course, taught by working Hollywood filmmakers, covers:

  • The hierarchy of the art department on a feature film or television show
  • How to break down the script
  • How to define character traits through the production design
  • How to design a convincing movie set
  • Set construction techniques
  • How to dress a set to make it look realistic
  • How to build flats
  • How to define, assemble, and build props
  • How to determine the art department budget
  • The role of the construction coordinator and the construction department
  • How set design differed from commercial and residential construction

We’ve partnered with talented, Emmy-nominated set designers, production designers, set dressers, construction coordinators, and prop makers to teach you the foundation skills to succeed in the art department.

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